Friday, December 6, 2013

Katy Perry Rocks Flower- Covered Sheer Dress At X Factor Italy Show

Katy Perry hit the stage at X Factor Italy in Milan Thursday, rocking a colorful, flower-covered, sheer dress to sing her hit song, "Unconditionally."
The super star singer was glowing as she crooned the pop song standing on top of a faux-grass covered platform, as a live band played in the background.

After performing the show, Perry took a little time to talk to the host, but warned him not to get to close since she wasn't feeling well.

"I'm so deadly sick so you have to wash your hands after I touch you," she said.

"I'm very happy to be here in Milan. I love Italy and I'm bringing my tour here next year, so I'm very excited to see you then as well."

Prior to the show, Katie tweeted, " Gonna do my best but if I don't stop as much as usual pls don't take it personally kittens! Mommacat needs rest!."

She was able to pull off a stellar performance regardless though, and later thanked the show for having her.

"GRAZIE for having me @XFactor_Italia! #xf7 I will [love] youuuuuu ITALY #unconditionally," she tweeted.

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