Thursday, October 31, 2013

GUS10 Fansedition: kalu Kalu Become The Ultimate conqueror

Kalu became the winner of a Pajero mitsubishi car after beating 12 contestant to clinch the final prize.

The contestant where pick after been the first 12 to correctly answer the Anchorman's Challenge on the forth week of the fansedition.

Each of the 11 contestant that did not win had a consolation prize of a tablet and #100,000 (one hundred thounsand naira) each from the council of the elder.s

The fansedition grand prize challenge took place in the same jungle where the main ultimate search is taking place; the fansedition challenge was anchored by Bob Manuel Udokwu.

The game was played in 3 different round. Round one: the 12 contestant where to pick 2 bags each with a hook and solve the puzzle in the bags. The first six made it to the second round, the last six got evicted with each given a tablet and a 100k consolation prize.

Second round: the 6 contestant where to trow a ball in a net, once in the net u start moving it on the grid the first three makes it to the third Round nd the last three got evicted each given a tablet and a 100k .

Round three: each contestant pick his own map and compass searched the box which contains the key to the mitsubishi pajero.
After many digging and tracing the compass kalu came out with a box, without doubth he is the ULTIMATE CONQUEROR of the fansedition the first of its kind. Congratulatio kalu you made it. Let's watch out today to see who becomes the ultimate search winner of the Tenth symbol.

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