Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Delta Connection: Pilot Accused Of Sexual Misconduct With Teen

An off-duty Delta pilot has been accused of groping the buttocks of a teenage girl who was asleep next to him on a flight to Salt Lake City.

Michael James Pascal has been charged with abusive sexual contact on an aircraft after allegedly touching the 14-year-old girl who was traveling unaccompanied on Saturday.

The girl told police she woke up during the flight to find Pascal had lifted the armrest and had his hand under her buttocks.

The teenager, named only as RS, reported the 45-year- old pilot to the cabin crew and he was arrested when the plane landed in Salt Lake City.

The girl, who was on crutches because of a foot injury, was traveling unaccompanied and had boarded the flight from Detroit early.

Seated next to her was Pascal, a Delta Connection pilot from Utah who was traveling as a 'non-revenue ticketed passenger', according to the Smoking Gun.

The teenager told police that after a short conversation about her injury when they first boarded the 5.45pm flight, she had moved the armrest to the down position.

'I made sure I had the armrest down because I usually feel uncomfortable when people get to close to me,' she said, according to the complaint.

What a funny old fellow. What do you thing should be done to this pilot

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