Friday, September 26, 2014

Patoranking – I’m Not An Upcoming Artiste”

Nigerian reggae/dancehall singer, Patoranking believes he should not be ranked as an upcoming artiste as he has been in the game long before his successful hits in 2014. The ‘Girlie O’ coroner who had a successful remix featuring Nigeria’s lady of songs says
he’s been making music since 2007 but finds it ridiculous when people think he just started. Responding to comments from critics claiming he ‘came from nowhere’ to take over the music industry by storm in an EbonyLife TV interview, the singer said, “I don’t think that’s true though…

I had to post a picture on my instagram to show people I’ve been doing things since mid 2000s.
I did a song with X Project when they were the in-thing back in 2007… In 2008 I was in the studio with Flavour and in 2010. and this is 2014, what ” He continued by saying, “That’s the way it is… when you are at the top you get noticed but when you are not yet there, people don’t know anything about you.”

The singer also revealed his stands on domestic violence – one of the major issues affecting most African homes – which also was the theme for his ‘Girlie O’ video.

Unfortunately, the dancehall star admitted, he had no idea it ever existed. “Funny enough i never such things doever happened untill the video [Girlie O] came out.” Patoranking told the EL hosts, “I got to know then that many girls do face domestic violence… they’ll be like ‘i love him, i love him’, after they are beaten, eyes swollen, hospitalized, they still go… ‘i still love him’…”

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