Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cat Breaks Into Home, Smashes Antiques And Attacks Couple

An elderly couple have been viciously attacked by a rogue cat that staked out in their home and caused chaos over two days.
Bruce and Eileen Gough, both in their 70s, cowered in fear
of the moggy which broke into their house in Chartham, Kent.

The crazy feline smashed antiques, defecated over the bedroom floor and bit Mr Gough so badly he needed a tetanus shot.

The retired aerospace engineer told Kent Online: ‘I suddenly saw the cat standing in the doorway. It must have got in through a bedroom window

‘When I got up, it dashed off into a spare bedroom and I found it hiding under the bed. I tried to coax it out but it wouldn’t budge, so I got a broom to ease it out.

‘But when I went to pick it up, it just flew at me and sank its teeth and claws into my forearm.’

It wreaked havoc for 48 hours until the couple called on their neighbour for help.

Keen motorcyclist Andrew Fox donned his full leathers and helmet and managed to wrap a blanket around the cat before releasing it outside.

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