Saturday, February 1, 2014

Justin Bieber Has Pleaded Not Guilty To Driving Drunk In Miami But Is Charged In Toronto!

Justin Bieber

So apparently,  Justin Bieber  was just going home. His home in his native country.
A little less than a week after his arrest in Miami, the singer of 19 years returned to his native Canada after a short stop in Panama and there, other problems with the law were waiting.

Bieber is accused of assault after an alleged attack on a limo driver involving someone from his entourage when Bieber went to a game Toronto Maple Leafs December 29.

Toronto police confirmed to my source that Bieber had engaged himself. They took his fingerprints and photograph for his criminal record, and he was released shortly afterwards.But he will appear in court on March 10 at 11 am local time.

"The Toronto Police demanded that Justin Bieber is in Toronto today to answer a charge of assault following an incident Dec. 29, 2013," the lawyer said Bieber in a press release sent E! News "This case should be treated as a summary offense, the equivalent of a crime in the United States."

"We hold that Mr. Bieber is innocent. Given that the case is now in the hands of the court, it would be inappropriate to discuss the details of the charge of the defense now."

According to Toronto police, a limousine picked up six passengers, including Bieber at a nightclub at 2:50 am on December 30. Apparently, once inside, an altercation took place between a passenger and the driver of the limousine. During the fight, the man hit him several times behind the driver's head. The man in question was gone before police arrived.

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