Thursday, January 2, 2014

The New Volvo V40 With Pedestrian Airbag


The new Volvo V40 is equipped with a pedestrian airbag. It's designed to help protect pedestrians in case of impact to the vehicle's front. It is made for city traffic, where people and cars share the same space.

It operates the speed between 20 and 50 kmh.

People are soft and cars are hard, in other to try cushion the impact, the airbag has two purposes One, to lift the bonnet to create additional space between the bonnet and hard components in the engine bay like the engine Secondly, to cushion the area around the windshield, wipers and lower part of the a-pillars.

To deploy the system, there are sensor along the bumper edge, these advance sensors have developed to recognise an impact wity human-like form.

This is unique technology. Tailor-made for the new VOLVO V40. The system has gone through extensive testing and computer-aided engineering in order to verify it's performance. Performance both in different impact situations as well as in different road and weather conditions

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