Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rihanna Versus Miley Cyrus Who Twerks Better?

— Miley Cyrus may have made the term “twerk” a common term now as a booty shaking, wiggling and moving dance step but for everyone’s information, “twerking” has been in existence before Cyrus made it popular.
The step is a common thing in most rap videos where you can see the ladies “shaking their thang” on the dance floor.

Miley Cyrus, former Disney star that has gone all raunchy, took “twerking” a little too serious when she made her first single out of her “ Bangerz” album, “We Can’t Stop”. Do I need to remind you how Miley started “twerking” in the video? It wasn’t her video “We Can’t Stop” that gave her fame and fame to the term “twerk” but it was her performance at the 2013 MTV Music Awards where she turned over Robin Thicke and just gyrated against his pelvic while “twerking.

”The world was in shock and until today, everyone’s still talking about it. Do I need to remind you once more?

Rihanna did a raunchy video, “Pour It UP’, practically a song about strippers and the money they make.

The best part, her booty shaking in the video and I got to give props to the Barbados born singer that she can really shake that behind of hers.

Now the battle of the best “twerker” begins.

Rihanna took “twerking” to a whole new level when she “twerked” upside on a throne in her music video wearing close to nothing.

I'm pretty sure Chris Brown is hitting himself for letting Riri go, but the bad girl has more in store for her fans.

Who do you think “twerks” better?

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