Thursday, November 28, 2013

Justin Bieber Ordered To Clean His Graffiti From Gold Coast's QT Hotel

THE Gold Coast mayor who condemned Justin Bieber for his graffiti attack on an exclusive hotel says he should sing for his sins and put on a free concert for residents to make up for the damage.

Mayor Tom Tate is less than thrilled with the singer's conduct after he and his entourage spray painted cartoon faces on a wall at the hotel at the QT hotel in Surfers Paradise early yesterday morning.

Mr Tate says it appears Bieber had already left the hotel bound for shows in Sydney, and wasn't there to receive the free graffiti clean up kit he sent to his hotel today.

He says the least the singer can do now is return after his Sydney shows and clean up the mess or failing that, he should put on a free concert to make amends for his sins.

Justin Bieber posted this photo of his Gold Coast grafitti efforts on his Instagram account. Picture: Instagram Source: NewsComAu

"If a normal person did that they'd be serving 80 to 100 hours of community service," Mr Tate told the Nine Network.

"Just come and clean it up and we'll be happy with you. Alternatively come and sing at our mayoral Christmas carols on the seventh of December for an hour and I'll let you go."

Mr Tate said the star and his mates did something "really, really silly" when they drew cartoon faces in fluorescent paint on the wall.

Bieber's handiwork included a Pacman ghost, which was scrawled on the wall of the tennis courts at the hotel after the star's first Brisbane show.

Bieber reportedly left the spraycans for staff to clean up, before posting a picture of the vandalism on Instagram.

"He's admitted to it. He's ... uploaded the shots," added Tate. "It's disrespectful to be doing graffiti, but to boast about it on social media is just taking it to another level."

He said Bieber's best assets would be well protected if he did return and use one of the council's clean-up kits to fix his mess.

"I know he's got beautiful eyes. I've got some goggles for him, and some gloves because I know he doesn't want to get his hands dirty."

"Do your business in Sydney and come on back and I'll give you a chance to clean it up."

The mayor told AAP his council had a zero-tolerance policy on graffiti, and annual clean up costs were about $2 million.

"There's one rule for all, it doesn't matter if you're a teen heart throb or just a member of the public. Graffiti is unacceptable," Mr Tate said.

He said the council had seen a 43 per cent drop in graffiti attacks in the last year, and he didn't want a pop star's actions to halt that momentum.

"The last thing we want is to have graffiti glorified and more young people thinking its a cool thing to do."

"Justin has his talents but they're best kept in the recording studio."

Meanwhile, Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie took a break from battling bikies to also give the 19-year-old singer a stern telling-off for the vandalism.

"Justin Bieber is a role model to many young people so, if the claims are correct, it is disappointing that he did this without permission," he told The Courier-Mail.

"It's up to the hotel to make a complaint if it chooses." Legitimate art and expression is great, as long as it's with permission," he Mr Bleijie said.

A spokeswoman for QT said she was unaware of any request from Bieber to spray paint the property and the hotel had no designated area for graffiti.

"I don't know how this has come about,'' she said.It is unclear if charges will be pressed.

Numerous Aussies also slammed Bieber in the comments underneath his Instagram picture.

"I'm glad you're here in Australia, but why do something like this. Not only are you disrespecting the city, but you're also disrespecting people.

It may be art, but express it somewhere else, privately," said jesseverard.

While leijons_ added: "What makes you think you can just vandalise anything you want? This is Australia and you've committed a crime. It's disgusting."

Frankloll said: "go do this crap in your apartment in your country, not in Australia".

It's not the first time Bieber has courted controversy for unauthorised artwork.

The teen singer caused a ruckus in Rio de Janeiro earlier this month when he defaced a public wall with similar tags and drawings.

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