Saturday, November 30, 2013


A host of chart busting musicians from Ghana, Nigeria and The US thrilled Ghanaian music lovers last weekend.
As accustomed to Ghanaians they always try to find a pint of problem with anything and creates room for improvement. Here is how the acts performed from a fan’s point of view.

First off American act Big Sean. He enjoyed a lot of attention from the funs as he was the first to perform and patrons were eager to see the show kick start but ended up being a bit boring because most of his songs were new to the patrons, he managed to gain the attention of fans again when he took off his shirt and got the ladies screaming like there was no tomorrow.

Now multiple awarding act Akon, his performance was really enjoyed by the fans as it came with different concept, the crowd went wild when he danced with his DJ.

He also had the attention of the fans as of his songs performed were not new to them as well as interactions he had with them.

He wowed the fans more when he put himself in a transparent ball and rolled himself on them.

The fans joyfully scrambled for his 2 shirts n vest. He throwing himself off the stage into the arms of the fans was the icing on the cake.

That still remains a mystery to many as many think those who carried him were not Ghanaians.

This not withstanding, he also had some low points where the crowd got tired of his performance n started chanting for “Dancehall King” contender Shatta Wale.

BET award winner Star Boy Wizkid, unfortunately for Wizkid this was not his day. After performing only a song he got tired and so did the crowd too.

His biggest break of the night came when he performed baddest boy as a couple of people could be heard singing along.

Surprisingly, the fans were not enthusiastic about his act though a fan tried to take off his shoe out of excitement.

His worst nightmare of the night came when a section fans started booing him off stage only for him to say, “don’t do that I am your brother”. After that incident he tried to control the crowd but to no avail so he ended his turn.

Multi talented rapper and producer El, he came and performed admirably as his name on the bill was a surprise to most people, though his performance was short, his popular “Hallelujah” tune with Manisfest woke the sleeping crowd and his “One Ghana for your pocket” tune performance rocked everyone.

Reigning King of African Dancehall and MOBO award winner Samini entered the stage amidst chaos as fans were expecting Dancehall contender Shatta Wale instead, his 2 hours performance over a live band rocked everyone to the amazing situation where some Shatta Wale fans who earlier tried booing him off stage joined in the singing his hits tracks.

He made the whole show lively and people on their feet dancing throughout his performance as he combined both his old songs and new hits such as “Linda”, ”Where my Baby Dey” “Gyae Shi” “ Adult Music” among others. Samini on the night silenced all critic and proved why he is the African Dancehall King.

After African Dancahall King Samini set the stakes so high, it was time for Ghana’s “Dancehall King” contender Shatta Wale to prove why has to be given that title over Samini.

The crowd was all out for Shatta Wale but got tired of waiting for him as his name was mentioned several times but he was not appearing on stage.

Finally he appeared from the sky in something looking like a water drum or huge basin with am “SM 4 Lyf”(shatta movement 4 lyf) sticker on it after making the fans shout his name and “SM 4 Lyf” for sometime he took to laughing which made most people confused but later accepted it as 1 of Shatta Wale’s things.

Though the crowd was an all Shatta Wale crowd, people surprisingly started to leave because he was becoming boring and Samini had taken the energy out of them with his splendid and electrifying performance. Nonetheless, people could still be heard singing along as he also thrilled the fans.

The outdooring of the new Guinness got people rush back inside thinking Shatta Wale or another act was about to perform again only to find out that the new Guinness was being outdoored.

The outdooring was amidst cheering and fireworks as it erupted from a volcano like design set up by organizers.

The VVIP crowd as been the attitude of such fans in Ghana, sat quietly and watched whatever that was going but later adopted the “body no be firewood” attitude and rocked their feet to some of the tunes.

VIP crowd danced and enjoyed to the max as they were close to the stage and could even touch the artistes because most of the action was centered around them.

Regular stands enjoyed the moment but wanted to get into the VIP section because they wanted to enjoy what was happening in the VIP section. Some later begun to jump the fence into the VIP section while others passed under the gate, this annoyed the security officials as a result locked the gate to the VIP.

Security at the venue was on point as they ensured the fans to be disciplined enough.

One guy who tried to steal a phone was caught and quickly thrown out lolz.

In total despite the low points of the show, it was a great show.

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