Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ciara Flashes Underboob And Toned Tummy In Sexy Beyoncé- Style GQ Pic

Ciara barely has use for a crop-top, let alone a whole T- shirt, in a photo spread for the latest issue of GQ in which the recently engaged singer flashes the perky bottoms of her breasts while striking a very come-hither pose.

Beneath that underboob? Why, nothing but a fit, flat tummy, of course. Her denim short-shorts help ground the pic in the almost-NSFW, sporty-sexy realm (we're not sure what the thigh-highs do)--but the positioning of Ciara's arms, her hands behind her head and elbows thrust skyward, can't help but remind us of Beyoncé's nearly naked GQ cover in February, featuring a little less underboob but a lot more of everything else.

Ciara more than holds her own, body-wise, up against Queen Bey, however. Another photo included with her Q&A features the "Overdose" singer in a completely see- through net top, her hands the only things standing in the way between the camera and her boobs. (Perhaps the pics were taken before Future popped the question, because noticeably missing from this one was her beloved engagement ring.)

With the photographer appearing to almost capture her mid-dance, Ciara told the men's mag that the best thing a guy can do while getting his groove on is to make it look as if he's not trying too hard.

"Go with the flow; don't overthink it," she advised. "If you're a head-nod kind of guy, nod your head. If you're a guy who likes to coast out and rock or sway, just do that. Whatever you do, don't get out there and try do something you haven't practiced. Do what shows your style and vibe--let me catch that without you trying to show me anything.

"I'm kind of OK to just chill. Keep it simple and let the girl guide you a little bit. If you can do that, I think you'll be all right."

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