Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Should Adults Play The Roles Of School Children In Nollywood Movies?

I was reading an online blog yesterday when I came across someone
complaining that Nollywood actors should not play the role of school children and they should give children a chance to play those parts. This is not a new topic, however as more Nollywood actors are surfacing with movies of them as school children, it has become a hot topic.

Personally I’m not really fussed; they are actors! Paid to act! It is their job to play different characters as long as it’s believable, it should not be too much of a big deal. There are certain actions that the children cannot adequately portray, a lot of the time these movies are usually comedies and child actors may not be strong enough as actors to make theses roles believable.

However I do understand the concerns of people who complain about this. One argument was that these actors and the movies they're in are misleading to children. For example, if a child watches a Nollywood actress playing the role of a child in one movie and then playing the role of an adult who smokes and drink in another one, it may be confusing to the child, and they may pick up bad habits as a result of this.
On that point I agree, but it is also a fact that these actors are ‘acting’ they are taking on the role of another character and it is for the purpose of entertainment.
The way I see it boils down to the rating of the movie and who is watching it. Parents have a responsibility to make sure whatever their children watch is age appropriate.

Another argument was that Nollywood should train children and give them a chance to grow and develop rather than give these roles made for children †☺ adult.

The counter argument was that there are a lot of well known younger actors and actresses who have been in the game for quite a while, some of which are child actors and are more frequent in the industry, with some of them even being nominated for the Best Of Nolly Awards ( BON) and some winning The Best Child Actor Category in The Nollywood and African Film Critics Awards ( NAFCA)

What your take on this? Because from all indication its similar †☺ the present leader of Nigeria still leading while the future leaders are yet †☺ βƸ̴ giving a mandate †☺ lead.

I think roles made for kids should βƸ̴ for kids alone what do you think?

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